Effective Date : 2019-10-22

PRIVACY (Privacy Policy)

FRMADCOS CO., LTD.(here in after referred to as the "Company") takes care of the personal information of our customers and complies with the Law related to the ‘Stimulation of Use of Information and Communication Network & Information Protection”. The Company notifies our customers how the personal information provided by them in terms of the purpose and the way of use, and which measures are taken for the protection of the personal information through our Privacy Policy. In the event of any modification on the Privacy Policy, the Company will announce it through the notice on our Website (or individual notification).

- This Policy shall be implemented from October 22, 2019.

Personal Information To Be Collected

The Company collects the following personal information for membership, consultation, application for service, etc.

- Items: Name, Date of Birth, Gender, SNS ID, Log-in ID, Password, Q&A for Password, Home Number, Home Address, Mobile Phone Number, Email, Credit Card Information, Bank Account Information, Service Use History, Access Log, Cookie, Access IP Information, Payment Record

- Method of Collection of Personal Information: Website (Membership Subscription), Email

Purpose of Collection & Use of Personal Information

The Company makes use of the personal information collected for the following purposes.

- Implementation of contract for the provision of services and provision of contents for fees calculation in accordance with the provision of services, purchase and payment, goods delivery or sending to destinations, identification for financial transactions and other financial services, collection of fees

- Identification in accordance with the use of membership services, personal identification, prevention of abuse of bad users and unauthorized use, confirmation of intent of membership subscription, age confirmation, complaints management, notification

Consignment of Collected Personal Information

- Consignee : DHL, UPS, TNT, RINCOS, ePantos, SF, K-packet, Krade International

- Details of consignment : Collecting Shipping Information and Shipping Purchased Products & Giveaways for Events

- Consignee : Cafe24

- Details of consignment : Customer Service Operation & Customer Consultation, Market Research

- Consignee : Paypal, eXimbay

- Details of consignment : Payment Processing

Period of Possession & Use of Personal Information

As a rule, the personal information collected shall be destroyed without any delay once the purpose of its use is achieved. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the following information shall be preserved for the period with the cause mentioned below.

- Items for Preservation: Name, Log-in ID, Password, Q&A for Password, Home Number, Home Address, Mobile Phone Number, Email

- Cause of Preservation: Internal policy of the Company

- Period of Preservation: By the time of withdrawal of membership

The Rights of Users and Legal Representatives and Methods of Exercising those rights

The User may view or edit his/her personal information and request to terminate membership at any time.

- To view or edit a user’s personal information, click on ‘My Account>Profile’ and to cancel subscription (terminate membership), click on ‘My Account>Profile>Close Account(PC)’

User may contact the Company by Q&A or E-mail, and necessary actions will be taken.

- Q&A :

- E-mail :

Should a user request corrections on errors of personal information, the Company shall not use or provide any personal information until a correction is made. In addition, if the wrong personal information has already been provided to a third party, the Company shall immediately notify them so that a proper correction can be made.

For children under the age of 14, the preceding rights event may be conducted through an agent, such as a legal representative of the user or a person who has been delegated.

In this case, the legal representative has all the rights of the user.

If personal information is canceled or deleted upon request of user, the Company will comply with the terms specified under “Period of possession and utilization of personal information” and prohibit disclosure or use for and other purposes.

Install, manage and deny operation of device for automatic collection of personal information

The Company uses ‘cookies’ to provide more personalized experience on the website. A cookie is a very small text file that the server, used to operate the Company’s website, sends to user’s browser. The file is saved in the hard disk of user’s device.

The company uses cookies for the following purposes:

- To analyze the frequencies of a member and non-member’s visit, figure out user’s preferences and interests and track user’s footprints, and carry out target marketing and provide customized service by checking level of participation in various events and number of visits.

User has the right of choice in regards to the installation of cookies. Accordingly, user may allow all cookies by modifying cookie setting, go through a confirmation process whenever a cookie is saved, or refuse to have all cookies saved.

Settings to reject establishment of cookies:

- To reject establishment of cookies, select options on your web browser and change your settings to allow all cookies, go through a verification process before saving cookies, or reject to save all cookies.

- Example(For Internet Explorer)

: Go to ‘Tools’ located on the top of Web Browser>Internet Options>Privacy>Advanced>Control cookies

However, there may be certain difficulties in using the services if you reject the installment of cookies.

Personal Information Manager and Team

To protect your personal information and deal with any relevant issues, the Company has appointed the following department and chief privacy officer.

- Principal Privacy Officer

Name: Jean Cho

Position: CEO


- Chief Privacy Officer

Name: Jean Cho

Department: E-Commerce


You may report all complaints related to privacy protection, in using the Company’s service, to the chief privacy officer or the department in charge. The company shall provide prompt and sufficient answer to your report.